Are You Ready for the Time Trials National Tour’s First Visit to Pocono?

Are You Ready for the Time Trials National Tour’s First Visit to Pocono?

We’re not going to pander to you and tell you that the June 15-16, 2024, Tire Rack SCCA® Time Trials National Tour Powered by Hagerty at Pocono Raceway is something you won’t want to miss. Actually, we’re pretty proud that you’re smart and secure enough not to fall for that sort of thing. However…

If we heard there was a Time Trials National Tour on the road course of a place nicknamed “The Tricky Triangle,” and it had been plunked down in the scenic Pocono Mountains in a town called Long Pond, PA, we know we’d have a serious fear of missing out. And if we didn’t go, and one of our fellow Time Trial-ers did, and they told us how there were two different track layouts during the same weekend, it would probably upset our stomach a little bit. But listen, we’re happy if you’re happy. You’re better people than we are.

But while we know you’re happy, keep in mind that no one is happier than the drivers currently on the entry list, for all of the reasons listed above and then some.

Get Ready for More, More, More

There is the opportunity at Pocono for a lot of track time. Like, a LOT.

The Time Trials National Tour features four 20-minute sessions per day, which is great for you and Tire Rack, because it’s enough time to use up some rubber!

The format for scoring is one we know and love, offering enough track time to safely learn the course configurations and log that personal best. The first Saturday session is practice; the next three sessions on Saturday will count the single best lap toward your overall score. Sunday brings another practice session, but this one is on the new course configuration. That practice is followed by three timed sessions. Add together your fastest time from Saturday, your fastest time from Sunday, and you have your final score.

Here’s the crazy part: There’s actually more track time available. We’re not recommending a double, necessarily, but there is an additional Track Day element to the weekend – it’s an additional four 20-minute sessions each day inspired by SCCA’s Track Night in America® except, you know, during the day. It’s a great opportunity to bring along that buddy who has “always wanted to do that” without the pressure situation of a timed lap.

We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Records

This is the section of the article where we talk about the track records that are sure to fall during the event.

So how’s this for a prediction? Every Time Trials National Tour track record and personal best will be officially set at this event. How’s that for a great reason to attend the first Time Trials National Tour to ever take place at Pocono Raceway?

Get Quicker, Faster

And this is the section of the article where we’d include in-car footage from Pocono from a prior Time Trials National Tour. But, once again, being that this is the first trip to Pocono for this series, there’s nothing to show.

That said, while this is the first Time Trials National Tour to take place at Pocono, it’s far from the first time a car has used the course. If you want to up your game, consider utilizing the team at Blayze for coaching.

This SCCA partner will take you through the track, make you quicker, look at your video, and give you an opportunity to get better before, during, and after the Time Trials weekend – and it’s all done virtually and for an affordable price.

More Information

We can safely say this is a unique Time Trials National Tour – maybe the only one where two variations of the road course will be run during the same weekend and count toward the overall score.

And it’s not too late to join the fun. For more information and to sign up, click the fancy red button below.

Go For It!

Photo by Tradd Slaton