This page and the expanded website are the rules and general guidelines for all SCCA Time Trial Events and are placed here for the benefit of regional and divisional organizers.

The following sections and organizational rules on this page are mandatory in all SCCA® Time Trials Events that an SCCA® Region solely or jointly organizes, conducts, sanctions, or otherwise cooperates as a Region in organizing. The titles of mandatory sections are underlined at the top of their respective pages.

Vehicle classifications and specific event formats (e.g., anything other than safety under the "National Rules" tab on the main menu) are not mandatory. Regions should use classing structures and event formats that are best for the development of their programs. National vehicle classifications are located under the National Rules tab of the main menu. Suggested optional classes and rules are located on the "Suggested Classing" page which can be found in the link table at the bottom of the "SCCA Resources" page. The entire SCCA® Time Trials Rules are mandatory for SCCA® National Time Trials Events. As they become available or necessary, additional rules governing any Pro or Special events will be located on specific pages within this site.

Organizational Rules

The following three pages are for officials, their duties and licensing; organizational procedures for pre, during and post event; and general event guidelines.