RULES - National Competition Procedures - Rules Compliance and Penalties


1. Rules Query
Instead of a “Protest” Competitors with a question or concern about another competitor’s vehicle or behavior may file a "Compliance Query" to the Competition Director, in writing. The Competition Director or designated official or compliance committee will determine the answer to the question as soon as possible and before official results are posted.

1. Who may file a Compliance Query.

A. Event officials.

B. Competitors.

2. What must be included in a Compliance Query

A. The question about compliance and rules area covering the item in as much detail as possible.

B. The name or names of questioner or group of questioners.

C. Query fee, if applicable.

3. Query Fees

A. There is no fee for Compliance Queries asked through the end of lunch break on the penultimate day of competition. (E.g., Saturday of a Saturday/Sunday or Friday-Saturday-Sunday competition).

B. Compliance Queries after the end of lunch through the end of competition on Saturday require a fee of $100.

C. Compliance Queries asked on the final day of competition will require a fee of $500.

D. Compliance Queries filed by event officials shall have the fee waived.

E. Event lead or Competition Director reserves the right to waive fee.

F. Reasonable queries will have question fee returned.

G. A query should be filed as soon as there is a question raised and shall not be filed after the vehicle/driver has finished their final competition run or released from impound – whichever comes last.

4. Query Committee
The query committee should be made up of the following

A. The Event Lead(s)

B. The Competition Director(s)

C. The official(s) with the closest tie to the subject of the query. (I.e., the chief of tech for a technical compliance issue, driver coach(s) for an on-track procedure issue.)

2. Non-Compliance
If a competitor or vehicle is determined to be non-compliant the following are the series of actions which may be taken. Penalties may be combined.

1. Coaching.

2. Penalty including (but not limited to): Time penalty, Loss of fastest lap(s) or run(s); Position.

3. Reclassification.

4. Disqualification.

5. Recommendation to the TTB for a Monetary Fine.

6. Recommendation to the TTB for exclusion from program for up to one year.

3. Appeals
Generally, participants should be able to have an appeal heard when new evidence is found or it is believed there may have been misapplication of rules. The following applies to National Event Appeals.

1. National Event result appeals will generally not be heard.

2. National Event decisions concerning technical or procedural compliance may be appealed for future clarification by sending an email to with the facts of the case within 14 days of the event.

3. TTB is not required to review or hear any appeal.

4. If a National Event Query Committee feels that a participant should be excluded from future events or receive a monetary fine, that decision shall be elevated to the TTB for the final decision.

5. National Appeals should be heard within 45 Days of the Appeal or Recommendation of fine/exclusion being received and participants will be notified of the decision within seven days of that decision.