We love all of you, and appreciate feedback and questions you might have. We've set up this page to give you the opportunity to reach out and ask us to class a car, clarify something or, really, anything else on your mind about Time Trials. (We have it on good authority that the answer is "42.")

Below you'll see five forms. The first is a chance for you to ask a question about a rule, the second is a "please class my car" form for those of you who want to run a car that isn't on the list yet. The third is the form to use if you want approval for a common retail part that fits the intent of the rules but is not available at Tire Rack. The fourth is a general question form, in case there are things we missed that you're still unsure about. And finally, the fifth form is a Time Trials licensing request form - fill it out with your on-track or competition-driving experience in order to request your SCCA Time Trials License!

Not sure what a Rule means, want to know if your part is Okay? USe this form.

Year/make/model/trim not in the Sport/Tuner class lists? Tell us and we'll class it for you.

If you haven't found your vehicle in either the Sport or Tuner Category, please fill out this form to have the Car Classing Committee review it for classing.  This is to class Sport and Tuner Category cars only - Max and Unlimited will fit any production-based full size car based on classing formulas. Formula Cars, Sports Racers and Specials are not classed in the Time Trials National rules, but you can find a suggested regional classing for those cars in the Unlimited Category rules section.

Common Retail Part (not available at Tire Rack) Approval Form

This form is primarily for Sport Category, and the only parts which fall under this are shocks/struts, lowering spring kits and sway bars. In Tuner Category, the only part is non-adjustable control arms.

Have a general question? Ask here.

Have a general question? Ask here.

Time Trials Licensing Request

Looking for a Time Trials license? Answer a few questions below and we'll be in contact with your license information (or questions, if we have any).