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SCCA Time Trials are open to most four-wheeled vehicles that pass the safety inspection. Different regions, tracks and events may have different rules, so entrants should check with the organizers, rules or supplementary regulations of the event you plan on attending.

1. SCCA Time Trials Events are open to any vehicle that:

1. Meet all of the Safety Level 1 Standards, and when necessary, the SCCA rules required for special construction (GT, Sports Racers, Formula Cars, Specials etc).

2. Has at least four (4) wheels, grouped in equal sets of half of the wheels on the vehicle per side.

3. Is properly muffled.

4. Does not have a high center of gravity. Potentially unstable vehicles with a high center of gravity–determined by whether or not they are wider than they are tall–are excluded from SCCA Time Trials. Width is the average track width of the vehicle, and height is measured from the ground to the highest point. Extra caution should be exercised with non-traditional vehicles (e.g., trucks using racing slicks or tires with less than 200 tread wear rating.)

5. Is a vintage or alternate-series racing car that meets safety specifications for their sanctioning body.

6. Cars need not be licensed or licensable for road use, so long as they otherwise comply with these rules.

In addition: 

1. Physically disabled drivers may use alternate vehicle controls and preparation items appropriate for the nature of their disability. In the case of a driver using alternate controls, extra care should be taken to ensure that the driver does have adequate control of the vehicle and that the control mechanisms can withstand competition use.

2. Non-production or non-production-based vehicles like Sports Racers, Specials, Formula Cars, Dwarf Cars, etc. are not eligible to compete in Time Trials National Tour or Time Trials Nationals, unless they have been specifically classed by the Time Trials Board (TTB).

If you haven't found your vehicle in either the Sport or Tuner Category, please fill out this form to have the Car Classing Committee review it for classing.  This is to class Sport and Tuner Category cars only - Max and Unlimited will fit any production-based full size car based on classing formulas. Formula Cars, Sports Racers and Specials are not classed in the Time Trials National rules, but you can find a suggested regional classing for those cars in the Unlimited Category rules section.